About poster

- - that big festival is used to "opportunity" for all the people of island.
It is what we are convinced of through "all the islands big festival" that we held nine times in the past.
There is "opportunity" in various scenes.
Opportunity to cry with opportunity to laugh with opportunity to challenge in new thing with opportunity to learn with opportunity when one step steps forward with opportunity changing oneself into opportunity making nakama with opportunity to be absorbed in whether it is opportunity, what which express something what it is…….
Big festival is "opportunity" when everybody advances to before.
With such thought, we decided to pose message saying "let's begin new thing." to everybody in catch phrase to become the tenth turning point.
With poster new character "newly! chan changes figure phantasmagorically and appears in many places.
We play sports if we think whether you gather one after another, and you formed letter and play the guitar and dance and.
There is figure doing comic dialogue. Every "opportunity" comes out of such a free idea.
Okinawa international film festival that started in 2009 was renamed to "Okinawa International Movie Festival" from 2014 and grew up for event to represent Okinawa spring as festival of synthesis entertainment including movie, music, dance, comedy, fashion art sports. We accumulate various entertainment contents that we created through one year in "Okinawa International Movie Festival" and send lump of the huge energy to into Japan and Asia, the world. We let all people of island make wakuwakudokidoki more than before, and entertainment overflows in Okinawa We aim at having island.
Project intention / copywriter
Junpei Watanabe Born in 1,977, Chiba,Japan. After his graduation from Waseda University,he joined HAKUHODO company. He established Watanabe Junpei company in 2006.
Illustration design / art director
Hideaki Takahashi 1964, Ishikawa birth. After Kanazawa College of Arts commercial design subject graduation, it is entered the company by DENTSU. We are in charge of many advertisement campaigns. We win ACC prize, prize for morning sun advertisement, everyday advertisement design prize, prize for Nikkei advertisement, NYADC prize, spikes Asia
Art director
The very much next A It was born in 1983. 2008 tokyo art graduation from university, same year DENTSU Inc. entering a company. Dentsu Lab Tokyo belonging to.