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Sometimes this Island Feels Bigger than the Whole World.
The concept behind this year's main poster is "Sometimes this Island Feels Bigger than the Whole World".
This poster is full of energy and excitement, which is sure to get everyone throughout the islands to participate more than ever before, as Okinawa declares itself the center of Asian Entertainment through this All the Islands Okinawa Festival. It is hoped that this poster will become widely known by many people.
Commencing in 2009, and named the "All the Islands Okinawa Festival" from the 2014 Okinawa International Movie Festival, this festival has grown into a major spring event in Okinawa, combining all forms of entertainment, including movies, music, dance, comedy, fashion, art and sport etc. A variety of entertainment content is created throughout the year, both inside and outside of Okinawa, and this all comes together at the All the Islands Okinawa Festival, with the aim of sending this out into the world, making Okinawa an island full of entertainment.
Thanks to all of your support, the All the Islands Okinawa Festival has continued to grow year by year, and the main feature of this year's festival is the number of venues. In addition to the venues that were so filled with excitement last year, including Umisora Park, Tenbusu Naha, and venues in Urasoe, Tomigusuku, Ginowan, Kitanakagusuku Rycom, Chatan and Okinawa city, events are planned to be held in the northern and remote islands.
We are planning content which is truly worthy of the name "All the Islands Okinawa Festival".
Junpei Watanabe
Born in 1977, Chiba,Japan.
After his graduation from Waseda University,he joined HAKUHODO company.
He established Watanabe Junpei company in 2006.

Terry Johnson
Born in Tokyo.
Graduated from Tama Art University. President of Flamingo Studio. Started his carrier from 1970' s,as “ Not sophisticated,but charming "style illustrator.His main books are “ definitive edition of not sophisticated, but charming style", "The secret notes of Terry Johnson","encyclopedia of soul hydrangea tea",and "The best of erotic Jackets".