Official merchandise and free use of characters

In what attractive merchandise which you can use after film festival term let alone what you can buy based on experience by past film festival only here develops, we will develop attraction of promotion and film festival of customer interest as appealing place.
We come to be able to have more people feel attraction of this film festival by performing attractive illustrator and global collaboration with popular character. Therefore, as well as pulling in customers effect, it leads to expansion and film festival cognitive expansion of market and wants to connect with continuous relations reinforcement with Company state of Okinawa.

Examples of product development and novelties in Okinawa

  • Official T-shirt (Teruhiko Yumura drew)

  • Snoopy collaboration T-shirt, Tote bag, Mug cup

  • Okinawa Kagetsu Chinsuko (Meiki)

  • Hilarious Haunted House Capsule-toy tin badge (Heart Plus)

  • Okinawa omoroobake ice (blue seal)

Free use of characters

At Okinawa International Movie Festival, illustrations of Yoshimoto entertainers are offered free for use within Okinawa prefecture.
In the hope of bringing the festival much closer to those who live in Okinawa as well as in order to make them available for use in daily activities at schools, municipalities, shops, and companies in Okinawa prefecture, we offer illustration materials of our entertainers free of charge.

Official Sticker (development example: Okinawa Rental car association)

  • Ticket information
  • Free shuttle bus - Naha route
  • Free shuttle bus - temporary parking lot route
  • Free shuttle bus - Nakagusuku Venue
  • Request accompanied with red carpet holding
  • Let's enjoy Okinawa of Club Tourism Okinawa International Movie Festival spring!
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