Special Invitation

This Special Invitation Category introduces new films from around the world that have yet to be released in Japan, with a special focus on Asia. This year, we will screen 9 carefully selected films.
The long awaited "Karanukan" will be screened, featuring GACKT in the lead role, and Suzuka Kimura as the heroine, selected at an audition at last year' s OKINAWA INTERNATIONAL MOVIE FESTIVAL. Also from Japan, will be the erotic suspense film "Cross," it is from the directorial team of well-known producer Kazuyoshi Okuyama and skilled director Shinji Kugimiya. We will also be screening the joint Japan-Australia film collaboration, "STAR SAND."
In addition, a number of blockbuster Asian films will be screened, including the rich Hong Kong international action love comedy "Love Revolution," it is a sweet romance set at Gangneung ahead of the Pyeongchang Olympics and starring Kim Sung Je of Supernova in his first Korean starring role. featuring Natsuna and Hiroshi Shinagawa, as well as "Guest House"
We hope you will enjoy these invitation films, which are all fully worthy of their place in this festival.


Broadcasters have worked with Yoshimoto Kogyo on a number of co-productions over the years. Since the 2nd OKINAWA INTERNATIONAL MOVIE FESTIVAL, gems such as "Kurosawa Movies," it is which won the double awards of "Laugh Category Uminchu Prize" and "Special Jury Prize" have been featured, as ambitious works which go beyond existing genres. A number of films rich in variety have been screened since the "TV Director' s Movie" Category was created.
This year, 7 films will be screened as cooperative productions with 7 broadcasters, NTV, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, TV Tokyo, Mainichi Broadcasting, Asahi Broadcasting, and Yomiuri TV.
Please watch out for this new trend in the film industry, TV Director' s Movies.

Creator' s Factory

The Creator' s Factory is a competition to discover the next generation of film writers and hidden talent, as an award for Newcomers, regardless of genre.
Since last year, this has been divided into two categories, "U-25 Film Competition" and the "Movie Project Competition." A public examination is made in both categories during the festival, and the Winner and Winning Proposal are decided. Winners receive the full support of the festival for production and planning.
We will also hold an event to announce works and proposals completed by last year' s winners, along with a Q&A session. A broad range of experts have been gathered to participate in the juries of each category.
We look forward to enjoying, laughing, and being moved by the talented creators that we come to know through this competition.

Local Origination Movies supported by HikariTV

With the theme of "Our films, by us,!" it is this Local Origination Project allows people to share the wonders of their own home towns.
This "Local Origination Project supported by HikariTV" realizes the passion of "sharing the charms of our home town to revitalize our region" through film. Once again this year, with the support of Yoshimoto Kogyo, people from all over Japan have participated in film production, from screenwriting to appearing in the films.

Special Screening

Under the "Special Screening" Category, this year we have again prepared a number of screenings which are sure to broaden your enjoyment of movies.
Special screenings will be held for "Jimmy," it is a documentary in which 107groups of comedians were asked about the conflicts and pride felt in their lives. an original drama planned and produced by Sanma Akashiya set to air in 190 countries on Netflix in the summer of 2017, and "Warewareha Warawaretai Happy to Bring Laughter, That' s it"
We hope that you will enjoy this rich selection of unique programs.

Comedy of Japan / Comedy of World

"Comedy of Japan / Comedy of World," it is which has continued from the very first festival.

Okinawa Historical Movie

So far, there have been a number of films set in Okinawa has been produced.The climate, customs and history of Okinawa at that time are engraved on the film in those works. We will introduce various eras and culture of Okinawa through movies, on the category "Okinawa Historical movie," it is which has been started last year.

Sakurazaka Film University

The "Sakurazaka Film University," it is which explores new ways to view films by inviting special guests to the Sakurazaka Theater.

Open Air Screening