Creators factory 2018 work offer

In Okinawa International Movie Festival - Okinawa international film festival - which is scheduled to be held in 2018, we work on excavation of new talent by creators factory 2018 "U-25 video competition".
You have you confirm offer essential point and download entry paper, and please apply according to How to apply.

With U-25 video competition

By "creators factory 2018 U-25 video competition," it is aimed for excavation of video writer carrying the next generation 25 years or younger and support of growth.
Genres such as live-action film, animation, documentary do not matter. Even if work itself is rough-planed, we look forward to surprising work filled with new senses to come out only to creator.

■To professional debut via workshop
Participation in workshop right is given plural prize winners including the grand prix.
Office produces excellent director to professional debut through problems in workshop.

■Interchange of next-generation creator
This film festival bears travel costs, the hotel charges to Okinawa, and creator of final examination Movies invites to be aimed for interchange of creator.
We carry out creator, audiences, exchange meeting with each judge.

U-25 video competition work offer essential point

Ⅰ. Film festival Outline
  1. Name
    Okinawa International Movie Festival - tenth Okinawa International Film Festival -
  2. Organizer
    Okinawa International Film Festival Executive Committee
  3. Manager
    Yoshimoto Laugh&Peace Inc.
  4. Session
    From Thursday, April 19, 2018 to 22nd (Sun) [plan]
  5. Place
    Ginowan-shi, Naha-shi, Okinawa city, each site in others prefecture
  6. Creators factory U-25 video competition
    We assume work which passed primary examination from entry screening candidate.
    Applicant submitting synopsis (thing less than 8,000 characters understanding outline or project content) of product after the primary examination passage on the next time of the passage is subject.

    We do final examination with public examination of audience participation in this film festival term and, from primary examination passage work, examine content of synopsis of product after applicant participation on the audience and other participant, crosstalk, the next time with examination committee, and judge decides grand prix and judge special prize (plural plans).
    About prize winner, office produces to professional debut to approved thing through workshop and problem when talented in that.
    ※There is not age frame overthan 2018
Ⅱ. Creators factory 2018 U-25 video competition application summary
1.Application condition

Anyone can apply for creators factory 2018 U-25 video competition if we meet the following conditions.
It recruits creator who meets the following essential points because it is aimed for excavation carrying the next generation.

  1. Being able to submit work on DVD in work completed in application.
  2. Being able to prepare screening material on BD, DVD.
  3. The average ages of main staff (director, script, photo shooting, lighting, recording, art) being less than 25 years old on April 1, 2018.
    (but director assumes 25 years old or younger required. Person born after April 1, 1992)
  4. Work time is no object.
    But we treat long piece work well because it is aimed for excavation of professional movie director.
  5. In the production year, exhibition by other film festivals does not matter.
  6. About synopsis, do not be project work which you won in other contests.

※U-25 frame, please fill in director and birth date of the main staff in entry sheet.
(we lose qualifications of the work and receiving a prize Qualification when age falsification is found out)
※Interchange with creators whom creator elected as Movies carries the next generation on of this film festival because is intended, premise which can participate in film festival in Okinawa in this film festival During the period.
Workshop (we plan from April, 2018 to October.after winning again ※We premise which can participate in) that there is change to be decided after discussion with prize winner on the date and time. (to transportation expenses to Okinawa, hotel charges, again workshop this film festival bears transportation expenses. But it is limited to movement in Japan. In the case of from foreign countries, it becomes consultation required)

2.How to apply
  1. Sending
    Application of primary examination sends DVD and performs.
    As a general rule, we do not return DVD of entry.
 In the case of sending, we decide to attach Application form (entry form) and Document (work summary and commentary) which filled in Requirements.
 ※About sending method of synopsis (outline) after the primary examination passage, we tell only person of passage.
  2. The postage
    Transit cost to office of DVD of entry assumes burden on applicant.
  3. Destination
    〒160-0022 5-18-21, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
    Person in charge of Okinawa International Film Festival office "creators factory" application
  4. Management of work
    About accidents such as loss, damage of work in interval before entry coming in Okinawa International Film Festival office, sponsor does not take all responsibility.
  5. Public information
    Sponsor may utilize project work and public information material as publicity work of film festival on TV, newspaper, magazine, the Internet after having with consent of applicant.
3.Application deadline

Friday, February 16, 2018 [must arrive]
※As presentation deadline of product synopsis (outline) is Tuesday, April 10, 2018 on the next time by primary examination passage person, I would like preparations beforehand.

Ⅲ. Selection of Movies and the screening
  1. Selection method of Movies
    According to Okinawa International Film Festival internal regulations, selection committee examines fairly.
  2. Notice of selection result
    When the screening is decided as a result of selection, sponsor notifies contact information listed in entry form immediately.
  3. Shipment of screening material
    Work exhibitor in response to notice of decision of the screening sends screening material (BD, DVD) of work to sponsor office by the date and time when sponsor appoints separately.
    Transit cost about shipment and premium assume burden on exhibitor.
  4. Selection committee
    About member of a selection committee of Movies, sponsor decides the constitution according to Okinawa International Film Festival internal regulations.
Ⅳ. Examination of prize

According to Okinawa International Film Festival internal regulations, we examine Movies and select the following prizes.

1.Creators factory 2018 U-25 video competition Grand Prix 

2.Judge special prize (plurally)

※About judge of primary examination, final examination, people whom we chose of this film festival perform.

Ⅴ. Others
  1. These terms assume Japanese notation the original and have priority over translated sentence by other languages.
  2. When we have legal question about exhibition of work to this film festival including application of work, we are interpreted according to the Japan method and do Japan Tokyo District Court with exclusive belonging agreement competent court of the first trial by any chance when dispute occurs between the people concerned.
  3. Application project work is copied from all or part of other work, and, as for all problem and the solution of the damage which occurred when we violate right of third party, it is responsibility of applicant. We lose qualifications, receiving a prize Qualification at the same time.
  4. Applicant is considered to have approved approval and the observance of these terms content when work arrived at sponsor office.
  5. After having been informed of screening decision, exhibitor cannot cancel the screening in this film festival and synopsis publication.
  6. Even if third party (including case that the screening, broadcast were fixed at e.g. newly) became interested party of exhibition work and synopsis after exhibiting, and having been decided, third party to take cannot compete for content by these terms.
Contact would like email.
■About personal information
①Use goal
We use personal information that had you fill out for notification of adoption or rejection, notification to applicant about creators factory and do not do the use for the purpose of others.
②Third party offer
We may not make personal information that I took offer to third party unless it is Customer and obtained consent in front (except case that established in Personal Information Protection Law Article 23, and hung down).
③Management of personal information
Personal information that I took performs appropriate and safe management, and term which is necessary for the use goal achievement discards by method that is appropriate about thing which passed immediately.
④Reference about privacy policy
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