World premiere "Dolmen X for theater" Nippon Television

© Takagi yuna / Shogakukan ©2018 "theater version dolmen X" production Committee

Screening information

When: Saturday, April 21 13:30 ...
Where: Sakurazaka Theater hall A
Stage Greeting: Jun Shison, Kodai Asaka, Yuki Ogoe, TinaTamashiro , Arata Horii, Yoshimi Tokui (Tutorial), Cookie (Yasei-Bakudan), Manager Naoko Komuro
Ticket Free
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Of good-looking guy alien who came over to the earth from a certain planet, captain, yew nii rhinoceros and idol geek girl is good.
"You invade planet, the earth which green and water have abundant without being noticed earthian without fighting without polluting", and do their mission.
However, method such as such a dream could not easily hit, and two months have passed with there being no progress….
In going the live concert in idol group for men for visit by good invitation on such one day. Therefore captains who do figure of idol developing hot performance in one of eyes while receiving cheers of excited woman fans, and are overwhelmed.
And a certain extraordinary idea appeared. It…"We become earth's best idol and get heart of earthian aggression on the earth!"
- which way to idol almost carelessness began in in this way.


Youth comedy that alien that this work from manga by Takagi yuna plots earth aggression aims at top idol.
Absolute leader, captain, Kodai Asaka of good-looking guy alien are good-natured people, and rhinoceros, TinaTamashiro of negative boy that yew of mood maker, nii of princess boy that pride is high in Yuki Ogoe, Arata Horii are in charge of musical piece production are managers, and Jun Shison plays good o of idol geek.
There is laughter that such "alien" aim at genuine idol while knowing human heart, and growing up, and they are engaged earnestly in in interchange with various "earthian"! There are tears! There is song! There is dance! It is sports root system youth idol comedy of this!


Jun Shison
Yoshimi Tokui (Tutorial)

Director, work data

Director Naoko Komuro
Country Japan
The production year 2018
Copyright © Takagi yuna / Shogakukan ©2018 "theater version dolmen X" production Committee

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