Report 2017.04.21Fest Hosts World Premiere of Cross

On the evening of the April 21st the Okinawa International Movie Festival presented the World Premiere of the major Japanese release Cross at the Sakurazaka Theater. There was palatable air of excitement in the packed house as patrons waited for the star-studded piece to unspool.

Co-directed by renowned Japanese producer and director Kazuyoshi Okuyama, the film is a tense thriller based around a journalist breaking a lynching story. This in turn reopens a sealed murder case and secrets are revealed. The densely layered flick follows the breakdown of the Hirayama family and a journalist who is following a murder storyline. The edgy action pushes the plot forward and the multi-faceted work examines the themes of desire, jealousy, and the meaning of atonement while ramping up the tension over the murders.

Co-director Okuyama maintains a unique, celebrated and storied position in the contemporary Japanese film industry. In the 1990s he ran the prestigious Japanese studio Shochiku, attempting to revive it to its glory days. In addition, Okuyama has had huge success as a director. He kicked off helping films by snatching Japan Academy Awards in directing and screenwriting for his rookie effort Rampo in 1994. Notably, he was also the executive producer for legendary 1960s new wave director Shohei Imamura and his film The Eel. It won the Palme D' Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997. In all, Okuyama has produced over 80 films, including the much-loved Takeshi Kitano classic crime drama Sonatine.
Cross is powerful return to form in the director' s chair by Okuyama. It will play nationwide in July.