Report 2017.04.21My Egg Boy Kicks Off Fest Screenings

The festival film screenings began at noon at the Sakurazaka Theater just off Kokusai Street in the center of Naha. First up was the creative and moving Taiwanese romantic comedy My Egg Boy, directed by Fu Tien-yu.

It stars Ariel Lin as Mei-Pao, a 32-year-old woman who balances work and love while hoping to get married and have a child. Rhydian Vaughn portrays master chef A-Shi. He comes into Mei' s life at the right moment and may add romance as well as possibly saving the struggling frozen foods company she works for. At first A-Shi is vehemently opposed to anything frozen, noting that with fresh food all you have to do is bring out the original provisions' flavors. But Mei slowly wins him over, explaining how important frozen goods are for single mothers.

Once the possible romance between Mei and A-Shi takes flight the latter keeps a crucial secret from the former. A-Shi has had testicular cancer and cannot be the father of children. Would this biological deficit scare away Mei, who wants a child?
The piece plays inventively with the theme of freezing. In addition to working at the company Mei freezes a reproductive egg in case she can' t find an appropriate mate in time. This leads to an alternate scenario of egg and sperm characters in the deep freeze, waiting to be turned into a baby. Naïve and playful eggs and sperms exist in a little society in the pre-conception state. Theirs is a white, soft, bubble filled world where their only stimuli are each other and their only hope is to be born. The two storylines play off each other, adding new twist to the rom-com genre and making for a delightful film.