Report 2017.04.21Love Revolution Spins at a Rapid Rate

The Okinawa International Movie Fest offered a rare treat for the people of Chatan area on the island. The Hong Kong film Love Revolution, which was shot in Thailand and features Japanese stars, screened at the Mihama 7 plex multiplex on Friday April 21st.

The mile-a-minute action flick mixes Japanese, Thai, and Mandarin languages as the international cast goes an intense ride through the alleys of Bangkok and the countryside of Thailand. The director Sam Leong is no stranger to working with Japanese people. In the 1980s he studied at the Japan Academy of the Moving Image, the film school founded by legendary auteur Shohei Imamura near Tokyo, and even worked on a film in Okinawa.

Love Revolution starts when Ai Yoshida (Natsuna) accompanies her unfaithful, lowlife boyfriend to Thailand despite the fact he' s involved in nefarious business. Even though she knows the guy' s questionable character Ai thinks this love is the real thing and is completely devoted to him. When he is kidnapped after a bar fight by a local gangster overlord Ai sets out on a crazy journey to find him. She comes across the entire spectrum of Thai underworld figures from hired killers, call girls and thugs to Yamazaki (Hiroshi Shinagawa), a Japanese chinpira martial artist who has been exiled to Thailand by a yakuza boss. While Yamazaki initially thinks to harm Ai after hearing her take of love he ends up helping the Japanese heroine.

Shot with techniques emblematic of the Hong Kong action genre, we get numerous super-fast cuts, double images, speeded up film, extreme close-ups, selective focus, and fades. These serve to ramp up the tension of this crazy outing, as colors and characters flash by. This international romp through Bangkok will reward fans of the action genre.