Report 2017.04.23Candy Lo Discusses Love Revolution

The Hong Kong action flick Love Revolution, shot in Thailand, wowed audiences at OIMF and Hong Kong glamor girl Candy Lo sat down with us to discuss her participation. The beauty queen-actress had gone into temporary retirement for a bit but now she' s as busy as ever. Love Revolution, shot in Thailand, led to lots of new experiences for her.

Candy gushed, "I was very honored to participate in this film and the outcome was very good as well." She noted didn' t have a deep background in the action genre. “ I was very excited when Sam (Leong, the director) asked me to do the cast as an assassin (because) it' s my first time. And we have trained how to do the action part in Hong Kong first and I was very excited and interested to do this… and I had to do the gun-shooting. I had to hold a real gun and it was very heavy! I had to use a shotgun and …after a day of shooting my hand was shaking. "She noted there were more challenges than just holding the gun. “ When I shot (the gun) I couldn' t blink my eyes because I' m an assassin, I have to be very cool. And the sound is very loud. I have to overcome this part. "

The international cast featured dialog in Thai, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese, and while Candy' s part was in her native Cantonese she had to wrap her mind around the SE Asia language as well. "I have to do some dialog in Thai. I had to memorize very hard just from that day!"

In addition to the gun play and language Candy related other aspects of the filming that were a challenge. “ It' s my first action film and I want to do more … but it is very tiring! You have to do a lot of training and when you do the action part you have to practice a lot of times. "She had one scene that was particularly difficult. "They asked me to role on the floor, role in the center right away and hold a gun, this is my most difficult part. So before the shooting start I had to role like 30 times! Physically it' s a real challenge."