Local merchandise of Okinawa that was wrapped in vibe of report 2017. 04.20 laughter, and was brilliant

On Thursday, April 20, "Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran tasting A preliminary round" was held in Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom of Kitanakagusuku village. "Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran" is for area stick to of local vaunted ranking "Yoshimoto 47 shufuran" which started in 2015. It becomes the third place following Hokkaido held in March, 2016 and Fukushima who just began two weeks ago.

In Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom 4F "Yoshimoto entertainment shop of Venue," popular Entertainer such as Ayumi Oya of Slim-Club, Tonikaku-akarui Yasumura, bisuketti, obatanoo older brother and Yoshimoto Okinawa belonging to assembles in full force. We selected recommended merchandise while throwing in laughter of pride from merchandise of lots displayed in individual viewpoint only by Entertainer.

Maeda of Slim-Club pushing forward "Mozuku kimchi." When of "taste is shoved to in apart from joke" while introducing merchandise which we had in our hand saying "it is wheel of mini-shikakeri", and rolling up Venue in whirlpool of laughing, "it is expected taste. This merchandise which promoted Mozuku which was snacks to side dish is great. Saying 1+1 becomes both 3 and 5; betabome. Favorite as, "no, "5 tons poured me over gag called meal bererareru for this taste" saying it is 1 trillion tons" which Maeda transferred while what interval chose among companions tried with "old liquor pudding."

Saying "this selection has nothing to do with wife entirely"; shitanoha "ogre wife steamed bun" best recommended with the good material bisuketti. We started correction of tooth, and Yasumura to be the fifth day chose "island dofu which was totally cheese" and expressed with "taste that was kind to tooth". As for obatanoo older brother, "tender rice cake and matching of sweet-sour strawberry are unbearable successively. Saying though was attracted by the breast, after all is dumpling than flower, as for choose "breast pudding" saying is. Ayumi Oya of local Entertainer praised "EM egg pudding" highly very much saying "we want to swallow even every morning" and, in front of gallery which flocked to Venue, introduced attraction of local merchandise of Okinawa in continuation of laughter of surging wave.

Place to be approach of area activity that it is said to spread merchandise of Okinawa pride that Housewives of Okinawa, Katsunori Uchida of famous buyer and Yoshimoto Entertainer work together as for the characteristic of this project, and will flap from now on in the world in the whole country. Merchandise developed in new viewpoint forms a line in Venue crowdedly so that we are symbolized by voice of Slim-Club Maeda, "we power up so that representative Okinawa ingredients are unprecedented". Approximately 200 attractive items which Housewives of Okinawa recommended during session are replaced and stand and take place and appear, and even everyday, please go to visit by all means without free, even anyone being tasting and one which we can make a try of, and saying once.