Teammate (?) future three players of report 2017. 04.20 Ryukyu Golden Kings It is instructed fiery zeal by this

On Thursday, April 20, "Okinawa International Movie Festival basketball clinic" was carried out at Yamauchi junior high school of Okinawa city. Morihisa Yamauchi, Shinji Shinjo, Naoto Tsuyama visit Venue from Ryukyu Golden Kings of part of B league and are event to teach basketball to students with Yoshiki Kuuba playing an active part as Trendy Angel, Okinawa Entertainer with giraffe, Tamura good at basketball directly.

In fact, Yamauchi and Shinjo who are alumnus of Yamauchi junior high school. Yamauchi who was the second grade top as for Shinjo for Yamauchi who returned in triumph to old school, and seemed to be deeply impressive saying "oneself old seemed to revive, and miss" in looking askance at "the past when do not want to remember…We look back on "and the junior high school era.

Such Yamauchi and Shinjo revealed that we joined Kings as trainee and talked about hot thought to students while Tsuyama told, "it is not projecting player nationwide" (as for oneself) modestly again saying "we can become professional player if we did not give up". We received it and told that giraffe, Tamura had actually watched play of Tsuyama of high school days and explained characteristic of play of Tsuyama.

We played ogre who ran while dribble together in order that peach castle of Yoshimoto Okinawa, cassis orange increased after talk and told so that student cut off importance to repeat the basics. Let alone player of Kings, giraffe, Tamura told various kinds of dribbles eagerly saying "we assume that we looked up, and there was partner in front!".

We are divided into five teams and are shot confrontation afterwards. Yamauchi team where normal shot, free throw, three points of teams which put three early sank each as for three results in time trial called victory wonderfully is victory. Colored paper which signature of player and Entertainer of Kings which participated entered was sent to student of team which won today.

When Saito of Trendy Angel which get completely exhausted by mini-game in scene of group photo, and got completely exhausted braces with senility little by little, and it is in smile students; commemorative photograph with a click. Finally player of Kings sent Yale to student saying "please enjoy basketball".