It is First screening in report 2017. 04.20 Ishigakijima! "Man which changed Okinawa" that Gori performed famous admiral of High School Baseball brilliantly stage greeting

On Thursday, April 20, the screening of "man which changed Okinawa" was carried out in Ishigaki Civic Hall coliseum, and Gori and Kawada of Garage Sale which acted as playing the leading part for stage greeting went on the platform in stage. Gori to tell that it is saying "there was the screening of work "was selected man" that I acted as director and script before this screening, but visitors increase more then" as soon as we appear. We invite laughter from Venue with there being more audiences than movie which oneself shot as the material.

Story that drew late Hiroyoshi Sai director that this work led Okinawa fisheries high school to Koshien runner up twice on model. Gori which played saikan* called famous admiral tells, "we watched offing water (Okinawa fisheries high school) which participated in expectation Koshien" and talks about impression saying it is saying "there was only image to have dripping, and to have eyes, and to provide signature kindly such as raccoon dog as for the director". "But we show episode at the time saying, in fact, we heard so that former member of baseball club says, "we almost vomit after fear when included in a radius of less than 5 meters of director" when it was scary". About the scene of intense guidance, we talked about state of mind in photo shooting saying "we thought that time, high school boy who plays baseball of small and weak Okinawa whether it was necessary to be able to fight in the national constituency".

It "is saikan* that even we gave high school boys who plays baseball of Okinawa dream that we can win in Koshien. And scene where warm applause to approve of was sent to was seen while laughter got up from Venue with a rush when Gori told, it is Garage Sale that showed dream that we succeeded in even if Entertainer of Okinawa went to tokyo.

On the other hand, Kawada who acted as offing water and chaperon of team fighting against each other looks back in smile saying "it seemed to be photo shooting in heavy air, but I was able to photograph comfortably very much when companion does actually slap". Then stack, Venue were wrapped saying Gori was saying "ho serutameni, lunch were alone, and I ate feeling of strain between children of baseball club" to laugh more.

In topic of the scene that saikan* is silent and demands handshake from director of enemy team which had a chat in room in the end game of photo shooting, scene of strain to fight against team of director which Kawada finally plays the part of. Gori when "photo shooting begins, and I was going to open door with earnest expression, hear story of Kawada to "be by tuna fishing of this this" from the other side of door. It seemed to be said that lines of chat part might talk about favorite thing, but stage greeting closed curtain while we shoved saying there is talk of baseball, and Kawada returned saying "it is because we did him, much more serious face and looked down whether even stomach had a pain" and was wrapped in the laughter peaceful from beginning to end.