Director report 2017.04.20 Gori carries the latest "was selected man", and triumphant return gives a greeting in photo shooting place, Ishigakijima

On Thursday, April 20, the screening and stage greeting of Local Originaiton Movies "was selected man" were carried out in civic center coliseum of ishigaki city, and, including Gori of Garage Sale which acted as director, script, hinehikotatsu of performer, Rino Hika, Masami Iha, Hiromi Kinjo who appeared in the part of person of song of local, Hiyagon Yu went on the platform.

Gori which was asked "how about photo shooting in Ishigakijima?" from Norihiko Nagata of ishigaki city all energy support Entertainer which acted as chairmanship. "Ishigakijima is chosen as Japan three selections Hoshina place, and starlit sky is beautiful. When Natsukawa rimisanni heard it (Ishigaki native place), we showed inside story with laughter saying it was said that it was, "there were too many stars and feels sick".

It is comment in Japanese that Chen of playing the leading part asked about about photo shooting in Japanese successively got a grip on itself saying "we were poor at Japanese, but learned Libretto somehow before coming to Ishigakijima". Then Gori revealed, "we were anxious about the language barrier most as photo shooting term was short" and talked about thanks to Chen saying "lines of Chen was perfect in uselessness but anxious about such a thing".

When Rino Hika who played girl of wheelchair did well strange face in photo shooting, we talk and show on-site episode saying "we are too glad and called mother when it was possible for strange face with Gori as I see strange face of Gori and was brought up". For it Gori because even if "do strange face, Rino is pretty. Therefore we invited laughter of Venue when we asked when we took the prettiness and did strange face saying we became really plain.

Furthermore, Venue bursts out laughing once again when Masami Iha, also known as udon asked about about the making of position reveals saying "official title "fatty" was written in the handed first Libretto". Therefore do not thin; Gori because "it is necessary at first to think about image when make script, as for the child of wheelchair, beautiful girl, the older sister are plain-looking women. And Venue was wrapped in whirlpool of laughter more when Chen said, appearance wrote unpleasant man.

Finally Gori said, "it was the short screening 20 minutes, but thinks that it was for movie which thought that it was good to come to watch expressly using time" and completed stage greeting in the peaceful mood.