fu tienyu director and lydian Vaughn appear for stage greetings of report 2017. 04.21 "my egg boy"

On Friday, April 21, the screening and stage greeting of invitation "my egg boy" were carried out in Sakurazaka Theater of Naha-shi in particular. Phew we were met by big applause by the audience who had finished just watching movie when tienyu director and lydian Vaughn, Fruit Punch of support guest, comic dialogue bonbon, Roberta came up.

Lydian Vaughn of playing the leading part to be the first Okinawa international film festival says hello saying "we can meet everybody and are really glad". Fruit Punch, Kenji Murakami heaps up Venue by good comment of condition saying "we can come by support of splendid movie and are honored".

fu tienyu director asked about about opportunity made with work tells with "problem that women of the world face late child-bearing" and is when we hit work production and researched. Therefore because many Japanese women stored ovum, we knew what we were in Taiwan and showed inside story of production including having made position who spoke Japanese in story this time.

In addition, lydian Vaughn asked about impressive point in suitable part of at this time. "Romantic work was the first challenge. We talked about thought that we were reminded of by through position saying we could know problem of woman in this work, and I thought that you should study harder.

fu tienyu director to speak if it is very important we have one child in this world, and to bring up. It "may not be one form to be important one more to be happy. We talked about thought that we loaded work of at this time with saying we think that personal personal different everybody should define.

Finally lydian Vaughn, for "warm image that Okinawa has, this work is photographed in North Europe, and a feeling of building and air is expressed like the world of children's story. If person who watched could draw breath, we said, we are glad, and stage greeting closed curtain.