We are overwhelmed with emotion on poster which faded by the report 2017.04.21 long run screening. Sunao Katabuchi director gives a greeting in "corner of this world"

On Friday, April 21, no stage greeting was carried out in "corner of this world" in Sakurazaka Theater A hall of Naha-shi, and we were invited to big applause by the full audience, and Sunao Katabuchi director of director went on the platform.

Director which saw poster of this work posted in front of theater completely fades talks saying "we became overwhelmed with emotion when he/she shows so for a long time for 5 months after we are released".
And Manager Kaebuchi who laughs saying "we like description part peaceful in this way before war most by oneself" who sees video which Hiroshima, Appearance of Kure at the time was projected on about work, and should let you just describe shop, salesclerk, figure of girl student and mother of shopper that it seems to there in work and appear.

In addition, seemed to be aware of being shown at at this time, place called the Okinawa International Film Festival on April 21; "day when Italy Enoshima of Okinawa has been occupied on April 21 72 years ago. , warplane would fly from there to Hiroshima whom there was of bells (main character); as for that is; say.
Because "war is not for stretch, and thing which young girls like bell long for gradually withers up, we feel when dandanni may flock. He/she spoke thought saying we want to regard small living and happiness that there would be before war as important.

Furthermore, we already see work three times, and Takewaka of Buffalo-Goro to be big fan appears. We said, "people or the action that town was real and lived there are described lively" and introduced attraction of work saying "it was movie to feel not what thought when we finished seeing".

Takewaka spends episode that this work was recommended by friend saying "see first of all"; when "oneself recommends to person, after all "see first of all", and is what. Request to director was done by director is there any words which appealed more?. Then, in director to return without thinning saying "please see "twice" first of all!", both Takewaka and the audience are large roar of laughter. In addition, even if we were asked whether DVD and sale of Blu-ray had not yet come, we talked and were Takewaka who laughed to Manager Kaebuchi whom we answered, "we cannot start so immediately" immediately saying it was saying "we are honest!".

Last "go to movie theaters of the whole country by stage greeting, and can feel atmosphere of the audiences, and is glad. We had you see this work with big screen of theater by all means, and director stated, we want to have you feel atmosphere and air at the time, and stage greeting took down curtain in the large prosperity.