"KawaiianTV presents special stage" which is hotter than the sun of Okinawa that idol of report 2017. 04.21 total number eight sets develops

On Friday, April 21, "KawaiianTV presents special stage" was performed on Naminoue Umisora Park stage of Naha-shi.

Produce event of channel "KawaiianTV" which covered all idols that YOSHIMOTO KOGYO opened this event in Japan for the first time of the whole country. It was in luxurious stage where local idol, Lagoon Blue, raguuntidanado of NMB48 and Okinawa, idol of the total number eight sets who became the sixth participation in at this time prepared face.

In Opening, Takashi of Shizuru and Trendy Angel acts as MC, in when saying is saying "tension becomes particularly higher while increase, and tension is surprised at Takashi which is free to give off queer cry highly as for two of Shizuru because is Okinawa"; smile. Stage opened curtain in atmosphere that neither MC nor the audience could wait for appearance of idols.

It is Lagoon Blue and raguuntidano two sets where are familiar in TV show and CM of Okinawa to have appeared in top batters. When Lagoon Blue begins to sing CM song "crunchy beautifulness beautifulness Gymnastics" broadcasting with Gon dzo of tambourine Entertainer in Okinawa, Venue goes up large serving. Splendid tambourine art that sweaty Gon dzo developed was momentum as glasses flew, and it looked like the audience must keep an eye on, too.

Melody Zhu back where what stood in stage for the third set achieved major debut in mini album "Melody" on January 25, this year. We showed two pieces including because "we like you all the time", and translucent gentle singing voice wrapped up Venue.

All the members are vocal & dance group of high school students J afterwards ☆Dee' Z (J Dee'Z), SO.ON project (so on project) of similarly active high school girl idol, DA's of senior unit come up successively. We go berserk and go berserk, and excite Venue with no dance performance and outstanding singing talent, and tension of the audience goes up for a series of powerful stages, too.

To the seventh set, group of 5 idol group with "magic" as concept, true Cal punch line come up in dress of charge color each. We showed three pieces of "Overture" "ten thousand village one sky Rising Fire!" "Never Ending Punchline" with dance of soft atmosphere in fantasic.

When NMB48 to display large chicken appears in stage, voltage of Venue to the climax. Member towards the audience "haisai! When is hot, and, too, and fan to, as for the audience, it is all standing up at a stretch, "nagiichi" "O my garfish!" We sing "Iviza girl" "durian boy" whom "there is not" emotionally. Call and finger whistle of "eisashisa, iyasasa!" and Okinawa version happen from the audience, as for the member "Okinawa is the best! It looked like we could not cover joy saying hot stage so as not to lose this heat was made and is glad. We sang the audience very much together when we played "paper airplane of 365 days" with moisture while it was music of up tempo and was still excited finally, and Venue was wrapped in a sense of unity.

All the members appeared in stage in ending again and "they came to Okinawa for the first time, but liked very much at wonderful place!" "We want to certainly come next year!" We sent message saying "everybody, please enjoy the day after tomorrow tomorrow!", and big applause and cheers went up from Venue, and stage closed curtain.