Three sets of dance units proud of report 2017. 04.21 national top-class ability attract Venue by the splendid skill each!

On Friday, April 21, "ASIA DANCE AWARD" was performed on Naminoue Umisora Park stage of Naha-shi. Garage Sale "that it bit" all dance in the past to have acted as MC. We heap up by vigorous stage progress while sandwiching dance knowledge everywhere.

Project of street dance that "ASIA DANCE AWARD" started in order to send new star of street dance out for the world from the country and Asia. With today's announcement as a start, it unfolds in Asian whole through one year. There is qualifying tournament in Taiwan and various parts of Asia in Indonesia, December in Korea, November in Thailand, October in Japan and China, September in August, and Asian dance award final stage deciding top of all Asia in tokyo "EX THEATER ROPPONGI" in next February is performed.

It is three sets of the popularity, ability together top-classes of the whole country to show at this time, performance. "Twiggz Fam (tsuiggusu femme)," "FOUNDNATION" (fandoneishon) heaped up Venue with heat that it might be said that it was specific in film festival "annin tofu" while fully showing different characteristic each.

Group of 5 that four male + women are alone in Twiggz Fam (tsuiggusu femme) which came up first. It is pioneering existence in Japan of new genre called "clamp" which was born in LA approximately ten years ago. A series of dynamic motions to brandish fist as Kawada expressed as "dance!" such as "punch." Strength, energy, expression of feelings became powerful stage which stood out.

Next changes completely, and annin tofu of flowing elegant three pieces unit for women. While wrapping the body in black suit & hat, inner is stimulating dress called cropped tops of navel soup stock! It was cool and showed dance full of Uplifting feeling called "jazz hip-hop" to sexy splendidly.

Break dance team where fandoneishon which also gave glory to the last leaves good grade by various event battle. We receive ISSEI which became the first champion for Japanese in world meeting "Red Bull BC One" of solo and are just five young B-Boys with force most last year. "IT Company evolves too much is “ imiwakaran! Many skill that "(laugh) and Gori of break dance experienced person howl, and is complicated, and is speedy. The latest skill of world class is paid out in sequence, too, and Venue heats up by cheers and applause! By wonderful performance appropriate for ending, we completed event.