Let's go out by report 2017. 04.21 stylish kariyushiware! It is presented 100 kariyushiware by Okinawa hotel inn association

On Friday, April 21, "the kariyushiware wearing campaign 2017 kariyushiware presentation ceremony" was held on Tenbusu square stage of Naha-shi.
This event is campaign to propel wearing of kariyushiware of Okinawa origin, and charity lottery where kariyushi wear hits for donation of 100 yen as part of the cause, campaign of cooperation of Okinawa hotel inn life hygiene trade association is carried out. 100 kariyushiware was presented to Deputy-Governor of Moritake Tomikawa Okinawa by Ichiro Miyazato, director of association on carrying out lottery.

It is Garage Sale to have acted as chairmanship of the presentation ceremony. It should be "100 kariyushiware", but shoves what was handed then on stage as the fourth place without Gori which saw it thinning saying "this is 100 kariyushi wears!".
And Deputy-Governor Tomikawa who received kariyushiware says hello saying "we want you to wear kariyushi wear sold in Okinawa, not only Japan but also Italy by all means". Miyazato, director "kariyushiware that ever released as Okinawa shirt. Through campaign, we said, we want to work on exercise to diffuse more.

Gori "which had image that grandfather and uncle wore about kariyushiware in old days." "Design is so stylish with richness now, too. We remain young person saying we want you to wear more. Touched wear which Kawada wore in different colors by combination saying it was saying "kariyushiware that we wore is dugong pattern today" and emphasized design.
Finally Garage Sale called for participation in charity lottery of kariyushiware towards Venue, and the presentation ceremony became the end.

On stage, "Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu presents comedy & performance stage" starts successively. Was not crowded silently, and biGallo, Okazu Club showed the material Yoshimoto Entertainer rafukon, Masashi Kumada, Woman Rush Hour, Tonikaku-akarui Yasumura, Moriyasu straight comedy duo of the live concert by woman artist nashiru in Okinawa and origin corporation belonging to. Tourist and school excursion were raw, and Venue facing the Kokusai Dori swelled by applause and cheers for bustle, appearance of popularity Entertainer let alone local person.