All the members thank for report 2017. 04.21 in opening ceremony that "Okinawa enlivens all in one body" in the held ninth year

Opening ceremony that told the start of "the Okinawa International Movie Festival ninth Okinawa International Film Festival" in Naminoue Umisora Park of Naha-shi on Friday, April 21 was practiced. Movie performer, the person concerned, people of lots including Entertainer attended at Venue as well as Japan from all the countries of the world, and it was the grand beginning.

Ayako Kisa who wore the body to Yuichi Kimura that tuxedo look was smart and manly as for acting as chairmanship of this year and pretty dress. Kimura was Appearance which is slightly being tense saying "opening ceremony becomes slightly firm as for the contents of film festival though it is full of laughter", but we play with in Hiroshi Osaki of Okinawa international film festival practice chairperson going up for Greeting on the dais saying it is saying "we were going to just fall" and excite the audience while solemn atmosphere drifts saying "we hurt waist if Kiyoshi Nishikawa teacher stood upside down three points at last year this place, but is enthusiastic in the yesterday's welcome Party and shows, and it is not possible today".

In dai﨑 acting as practice chairperson, opening is the first; "haisaigusuyochuganabira Hiroshi Osaki yaibin (everybody hello. How are you? We say hello in) and uchinaguchi (words of Okinawa) which are Hiroshi Osaki. "The Okinawa International Film Festival is the ninth year in this year, too. As for nine years, primary schoolchild first grader becomes ninth grader; for a long term. We stated, we appreciate that Okinawa enlivened film festival all in one body every year.

Afterwards from Governor of Takeshi Onaga Okinawa of Okinawa International Film Festival Executive Committee honorary chairperson "become held, and the time of upsurge increases in whole Okinawa including Remote island from this year. Message, we hoped that attraction of new Okinawa spread through all over Japan and the world was informed, and big applause was sent from Venue.

Three people of Miss Okinawa 2017 and "Miss Okinawa of the pretense fourth," area cheering party of 41 Municipality which we gathered including maha Akira who took office as PR ambassador to flower shade mahae of sightseeing in Okinawa PR character from April from each place in Okinawa, student cheering party and others consisting of universities of the prefecture are going on the platform with *so and matching happi coat, T-shirt look afterwards. We publicized each regional society from Okinawa.

In addition, some said, which "this seems to be interesting" "wanted to go from the audience to watch as Okinawa did not know with movie of stage" when all work lineups shown by this film festival for the ceremony end game were introduced one action with director, performer.

Including "red carpet held in Kokusai Dori of Naha-shi on Sunday on April 23, event is held as well as movie in various places throughout the prefecture. Anyway, Kimura of host completed saying we look forward to everyone in various content, and opening ceremony closed curtain while we blew up expectation for two days from tomorrow.