List of programs

List of programs

Naha Kokusai Dori red carpet

On Sunday, April 22, we carry out "red carpet" which is bloom of film festival.
A grand celebration is planned, with many participants invited from Japan and overseas, and from throughout the prefecture, including people and performers associated with screened movies, event performers and other festival stakeholders etc.

Closing ceremony

We carry out "closing ceremony" on Sunday, April 22 and generalize this holding including announcement of each prize daylong.

People who have begun to think about SDGs

We are going to broadcast several video from "people who have begun to think about SDGs" series with screen of each Venue so that Okinawa International Movie Festival is a chance to have more people know approach of SDGs.

“That’s right! We can do it! SDGs Stamp rally

Even the Okinawa International Movie Festival, the tenth Okinawa International Film Festival plans personality stamp rally which can learn "SDGs" in spite of being play.
There are also small prizes for those who collect all of the stamps.

Stage event

This Movie Festival isn't just about movies, but is a festival of various forms of entertainment.
Even which generation including comedy, music, dance sends contents to be able to enjoy this year.


We set name of "JIMOT CM COMPETITION" under the theme of SDGs as "JIMOT CM REPUBLIC" and will heap up area sequentially.

Laugh & Peace Town

We carry out project which "can participate" including "Entertainer stage" and Company, group and "tour measure in Venue" that collaboration did in big "Laugh & Peace Town" with all the islands newly a lot and contribute to visitors, Exhibitors both side Level of satisfaction Improvement.

We play sports with athlete & Entertainer happily! Sports land in new capital heart park

As sports island, we know pleasure of any people regardless of age or sex moving body in Okinawa aiming at creation of sports industry and provide place that can improve health conscious.

Idle gakko. The opening of a school!

Targeting at children who will aim at entertainment in the future "idle gakko." But, you prepare for various menu which you can experience and can sense interchange with nakama through entertainment bodily, and please experience joy to please person including what we express using their body for customer.

Art event [Kyoto International Film Festival cooperation project]

Conduct, gallery - talk are going to carry out work display project which featured the theme of "futuristic work coming out of past" by students of Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts in the third floor of tembusu Naha gallery, too.

Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran

With "Yoshimoto 47 shufuran," Housewives of 47 metropolis and districts of the whole country "wants to recommend to person!" "We want you to eat!" In "Souvenir have "good thing" in Housewives glance in merchandise such as this!", and General voting and Yoshimoto Entertainer, celebrity buyer select local merchandise, and is area activity project authorizing Gold Medal.
We carry out "Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran 2018 A preliminary round", and Certification merchandise is decided in "Delicious" of everyone A vote.

41 Municipality! Tour big with all the islands

41 Municipality! We go to visit all Okinawa 41 Municipality as big tour with all the islands for from March 3 to April 17 and carry out various event.
As for the content, comedy, music, movie, dance, sports, workshop vary.