Cruise Ship Boarding Event

Cruise Ship Boarding Event

As part of“Shima Zenbu de O-kina Matsuri (Big festival with the entire island) the 9th Okinawa International Movie Festival”, with the full cooperation of Star Cruises, a special event where you can experience boarding the cruise liner "Super Star Aquarius” will be held for residents in Okinawa.
Movie watching at a luxurious movie theater in the passenger ship and a shipboard tour are offered.
Participation fee is free and this event is limited for the first 150 attendees at each stop of the cruise liner.
Let's enjoy this large cruise ship on this occasion! Please do apply.
※Applications are no longer accepted because the number of participants reached the capacity.
  • Cruise ship
  • Cruise ship

Venue /Date and Time

Miyako island
Schedule: April 17 (Mon)
Time: 12:30~16:30(Reception starts from 12:30/Event starts from 13:00)
Where: Taira Port(645-27, Nikawadori, Taira, Miyakojima City, Okinawa).
Schedule: April 18 (Tue)
Time: From 11:00 to 15:00 (Reception start 11:00 - / event conduct 11:30)
Where: Naha Cruise Terminal (1-28, Wakasa, Naha City, Okinawa)
Schedule: April 20(Thu)
Time: From 15:30 to 19:00 (Reception start 15:00 - / event conduct 15:30)
Where: Ishigaki Port Terminal (3-4, hamasakicho, Ishigaki City, Okinawa)

Event Information

Screening for a film of Local Origination Project with the area of Ishigaki City, “Chosen Man”(directed by Gori of Garage Sale), and a shipboard tour.

※This is an event where participants board a cruise ship while it is at port.
※Talk events by actors starring in the movie and Yoshimoto entertainers are scheduled to be held at each venue.
※“Superstar Aquarius” was one of the locations for the short film “Chosen Man” which will be screened for the first time at the 9th Okinawa International Movie Festival.

How to apply

Applicants need to fill out necessary information in the application form, attach a copy of identification and send it to the below administrative office by fax, mail or bring it in in person.
It is acceptable to fill out necessary information and send it by email.
※Applications are no longer accepted because the number of participants reached the capacity.
TEL: 098-917-5123 (weekday from 10:00 to 18:00)

Organizer: Okinawa International Movie Festival Executive Committee/Star Cruises