Laugh & Peace Town

Laugh & Peace Town

Customer can experience “ participation! We move Venue to new downtown area park "large open field", and Laugh & Peace Town which presented the cause of concept called ", booth or PR stage of lots powers up. While carrying out stamp rally which can learn annual Entertainer stage and "SDGs" in spite of being play, with Okinawa, everyone of friendship partner more "is Not get tired much more even if heap up, and drag! We aim at "space


When: Friday, April 20 from 10:30 to 19:30
Saturday, April 21 from 10:30 to 19:30
Sunday, April 22 from 10:30 to 19:00
Where: New downtown area park "large open field" [Naha-shi]

List of Laugh & Peace Town MAP & exhibition

101 transcosmos
Every dumb person whom there was can talk about "with" you to "Gotcha!mall" where "Yoshimoto popularity personality and 2 shot photographs come out" in gatcha of WEB site, and rights hit and counselor; "every dumb person introduces in cafe".
Public life delivers talk session or game live broadcast by Yoshimoto Entertainer to the whole world. Project which Gorgeous present hits in follow and share of SNS is in progress! booth hemenso - re!
We can experience fight arcade game that popular Yoshimoto Entertainer (Garage Sale, FUJIWARA, nun God interchange, Tomoharu Shoji, Itsuji Itao) which scanned 3D gathered!
201 FamilyMart
We hold keyword rally which performed Yoshimoto application LaughP and collaboration! We can participate in lottery (there is no loser) where we collect five keywords, and Gorgeous premium is. For more details, we search in rough P!
When you experience sunscreen skin aqua and chilly cool white moisture medical use whitening lotion and have you participate in game that it is easy, do you get Gorgeous prize of ROHTO PHARMACEUTICAL? Participate with family and friend.
※Prize becomes the end as soon as we disappear.
203 is sharp
Heart vision which tells video that Sharp aims at realization of "AIoT snuggling up to person" and to analyze preference of person and learn at this time, and to want to see from various contents, game that wants to play by sound. Conversation displays made Robo phone, too.
Association of 204 Naha district Legal Affairs Bureau Ministry of Justice Okinawa Civil Rights Commissioners society
"Together in this way century of human rights old!"
For bullying, power harassment, abuse, harassment, investigation, relief of various human rights problem such as discrimination and spread of freedom human rights thought uplift, we perform human rights classroom, symposium.
205 Naha probation offices, Naha sanctuary protection host
From "exercise to light society toward society without crime and delinquency," hogo of rebirth penguin appears! We perform the sporadic comics screening of Tekken, making of eco-bag experience of hogo by tent. Come by all means!
206 Shogakukan Shueisha productions
We sell goods of "excellent detective Conan"! Merchandise of popular character including Conan and Amuro is varied! As you are in a limited quantity, please drop in!
207 Okinawa Laugh & Peace technical schools, Yoshimoto Okinawa entertainment college
It is booth doing "Okinawa Laugh & Peace technical school" and Introduction of "Yoshimoto Okinawa entertainment college" which we founded in April, 2011 which founded a school in April, 2018. Please drop in casually!
208 official shops
Including Official goods of Okinawa International Movie Festival, we sell popular Yoshimoto Entertainer goods and book, DVD. Please drop in.
Hall of prediction of 209 Aporon Yamazaki
We hold fortune-telling by much-talked-about Apollo Yamazaki in the Laugh & Peace Town "hall booth of prediction of Aporon Yamazaki"! We tell at this time particularly free. Come to play by all means!
※Rearranging ticket is necessary. We distribute rearranging ticket in hall booth of prediction of Aporon Yamazaki from 10:30 (we drink for designation system, that day at time).
※Rearranging ticket becomes the end on everyday first-come-first-served basis as soon as we disappear.
※We prohibit transfer of rearranging ticket. Only the person can use.
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