In Okinawa International Movie Festival, site gathering post of all of performer and SNS where customer enjoys event founds "island zendeoki is trendy".
We have you post on everyone in Instagram, SNS such as Twitter and are site that can enjoy Appearance swelling in real time.

If attach hashtag "# rough P 2017" "# big festivals", and deliver, this automatically; "island zendeoki is trendy" and is improved in site.
In addition, "island zendeoki is trendy", and, in site, Entertainer which is good at SNS has each project and will improve interesting report article from all over Okinawa. We introduce a part of the project.

58 (goppachi) 58 (bitter gourd) trips to Tenjikunezumi riverbank!

Tenjikunezumi riverbank
Trip project which T-cloth riverbank introduces traditional event sea me (Haruaki festival) and person that Route 58 of Okinawa is performed in various spot and gourmet, about April while going north to! We change headdress of everyday "eggplant" to "bitter gourd" and we take a ceremonial photograph with people whom we met and upload video and photograph in site.

Tenjikunezumi riverbank Instagram

"Song of Uma-to-Sakana big with all the islands" pilgrimage!

Trip project which spins the lyrics in "good place of Okinawa" to hear in memory and Customer in the Venue while Uma-to-Sakana circulates through all 12 Venue that "verge big with all the islands" is performed, and finally completes one piece of song.

Uma-to-Sakana Twitter

We are releasing finished music with Okinawa International Movie Festival Official channel!
→Finished music is this

"makino poi poi walk" of obatanoo older brother in Okinawa!

obatanoo older brother
Trip project around spot where Shun Oguri which obatanoo older brother plays the part of is in season looking for [child = Makino of seasonal woman] of Okinawa and shop.
We call out with "makino!" if we find beautiful woman dressed in the back and we turn around and photograph moment of state.
It is determined whether it is Makino! Beautiful woman illustrated book-like image interviewing afterwards.

obatanoo older brother Twitter

"Okinawa Univ. nature album" of Nature!

During popular boiling and Entertainer "Nature" from Okinawa take photograph which was particular about quality thoroughly at beautiful Nature spot of each place of Okinawa in Osaka and are project improving.

Shiroi Twitter

Village Twitter

Of woman and man "ijoshokozo goes! Okinawa International Movie Festival, Entertainer gossip gun"

Woman and man
Verge Venue report project big with all the islands to perform in two people of woman and man.
"ijoshokozo" where Ichikawa plays the part of carries out charge report in dressing room of private and Venue of Entertainer!
"We heard when we did ○○ in @@ of Naha-shi last night,!" but reporter-like hear nado entertainment report. Besides, dressing room scenery of Entertainer improves as report, too.

Wada Instagram

Ichikawa Twitter