Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran

Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran

Housewives of 47 metropolis and districts of the whole country has "good thing" of here in Housewives glance, and General voting and Yoshimoto Entertainer, celebrity buyer select, and "Yoshimoto 47 shufuran" is area activity project authorizing Gold Medal.
"Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran" starts in 2017 as the community-based project. We adhere to area more in 2018 and, to excavation of new merchandise, send local information from each Municipality.
We carry out "Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran 2018 A preliminary round" during session. Let alone Customer of visit, person concerned with film festival and Yoshimoto Entertainer participate, too. I would like "Delicious" of everyone A vote.


When: From Thursday, April 19 to 22nd (Sun) from 10:00 to 20:00
Where: Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom the fourth floor Yoshimoto entertainment shop [Kitanakagusuku village]

2017 conduct content

  • Shufuran 01
  • Shufuran 02
The number of the entry details Municipality: The number of 40 Municipality / Company: The number of 62 Company / merchandise: 175 merchandise
Certification merchandise: 139 merchandise

Certification merchandise (extract)

  • Certification merchandise example 01

    Mozuku kimchi

  • Certification merchandise example 02

    Ryukyu old liquor pudding

  • Certification merchandise example 03

    Island tofu which is totally cheese

  • Certification merchandise example 04

    Ogre wife steamed bun