Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran

Conduct of local stick to "Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran" of Yoshimoto 47 shufuran

YOSHIMOTO KOGYO group builds network which is close to Municipality of All over the country, local Company group and creates new business and, for the purpose of contributing to local activation by power of laughter, pushes forward "area project" from 2011.
We perform development and sale of Specialty goods, local specialty of the as part of whole country in Osaka, Namba ground Flowers bloom beautifully and the moon shines bright and "Yoshimoto 47 local market" in Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom.
This project is the main project and performs as project which ties up with shufuran having the more than 7000 Housewives staff in the whole country, and spotlights merchandise of the whole country 47 metropolis and districts in "Housewives glance" from 2015.
Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran

With "Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran," we start "Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran" at unfolding "Yoshimoto 47 shufuran" as community-based project now. We match excavation of new Souvenir by adhering to area more and send local information from each Municipality.
We carry out "tasting A preliminary round" in film festival term, and, let alone Customer of visit, person concerned with film festival and Yoshimoto Entertainer participate, too. I would like "Delicious" A vote.


End of January ...

We choose target merchandise, maker for the cause in Recommendation from local Housewives (we include reporting in town hall of ※ 41 Municipality, commercial and industrial meeting, Tourism Association)

Local Housewives is questionary survey in local merchandise to recommend.
We let you do Recommendation and matching from town hall state, commercial and industrial meeting, Tourism Association state and "want to publicize & that Housewives recommends" and list merchandise.

We approach each maker, manufacturer from office [final deadline Friday, March 31]

We sound out participation in project for maker, manufacturer of target merchandise which gathered

Merchandise offer from maker, manufacturer

It is given Free of charge of merchandise for tasting by each maker, manufacturer

From Thursday, April 20 to 23rd (Sun)

Okinawa International Film Festival tasting A preliminary round @ film festival Venue

Tasting event of offered merchandise is carried out by each maker

The middle of May

We announce Yoshimoto Okinawa Shufuran Certification merchandise

In special WEB site, we announce as a result of tasting selection

June ...

Offer of authorized seal

It unfolds in Amazon, EC, Yoshimoto-related shop, event branch and others and starts

Yoshimoto 47 shufuran

Yoshimoto 47 shufuran

With "Yoshimoto 47 shufuran," Housewives of 47 metropolis and districts of the whole country "wants to recommend to person!" "We want you to eat!" In "Souvenir have "good thing" in Housewives glance in merchandise such as this!", and tasting selects local merchandise, and General voting and Yoshimoto Entertainer, celebrity buyer are area activity project authorizing Gold Medal.