Stage event

Stage event

This Movie Festival isn't just about movies, but is a festival of various forms of entertainment. We will have content for all ages, from comedy, to music and fashion etc.
We plan to produce a variety of content, both throughout the course of the festival, and also through the holding of events in the 41 cities and towns around the prefecture throughout the year, highlighting their particular features.
At the very end of the festival, the annual "All Ending" event is sure to impress, as the whole prefecture joins in a live event with the "All the Islands Okinawa Band", led by Kariyushi 58.

A variety of stage project

Project which was rich in stage of incandescence by comedy live, artist, performer by annual seasonal Entertainer and idol and EISA dance, variety including performance event by students is in progress every year.
At this time prepares for stage of wider content including conduct of "YOSHIMOTO SHINKIGEKI" which adopted folktale of Okinawa and country in Asia and stage which local focused.

In addition, "dance cheering party" which stood up this time rolls up dance schools in the prefecture and is planning performance to show dance REMIX version of "okinauta" of big band by the number of people more than 100 with all the islands.
Besides, we will develop event to make up with local in various places throughout the prefecture.

You are carried out in more Venue, and please expect toward most more in fun mine, stage only by "Okinawa International Movie Festival" which can participate.

Stage Introduction

Okinawa International Movie Festival NANIWAdelic@KOZA - Yoshimoto sound person (otonchu) festival ...

Music and the landing that are carried out in Osaka first collaboration event "NANIWAdelic" of the material in Okinawa!
There is band, and there is the material, and there is dance and worships Yoshimoto sound person which there is collaboration in!
Schedule: Friday, April 21, 2017
Time: [the opening] It is 00/ [the start] 19:00 18
Where: Koza Music Town [Okinawa city]
Entrance: Free
Casts: [artist]
S.White, chinchina ..., 7! , P-fam, Runny Noize

MC: Tsubaki Oniyakko, MC: Total Tembosh
2700, Henderson, Bambino, Yuriyan-retriever, 8.6sec Bazooker, Lanny nose, Ocean, Dosanko Murota, ARINKURIN, Hatsukoi Cro-Magnon

We can do it in EGU-SPLOSION, one

[SP guest]
Shrewd Kawamitsu (Kawamitsu shienshie)

Motion of Tekken with Ministry of Justice to light society

It was sparse manga such as "pendulums" which caused impression in Japan, and all nations whom Ministry of Justice advocated deepened understanding about prevention of crime and delinquency and rebirth of people who committed a crime, and put power together in each situation, and familiar Tekken approved of "exercise to light society" that was going to build criminal community which there was not and produced sparse manga about Appearance which recovered itself while boy who made a mistake was watched by neighboring people.
We invite various places of latest screening, Tekken and Ministry of Justice of impression that we did on the stage of hometown, Omachi-shi, Nagano of Tekken and, in addition to this work, perform talk session. In addition, we develop Ministry of Justice booth in Laugh & Peace Town.
When: Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 15:00 to 15:30
Where: Naminoue Umisora Park [Naha-shi]
Casts: Tekken, Ministry of Justice
[MC] Tonikaku-akarui Yasumura, Akina
  • Stage event<Naha Naminoue Venue>
    All ending
  • Stage event<Naha Tenbusu square >
    Music, comedy event
  • Stage event<chatan Venue>
    Costume play event
  • Stage event<ginowan Venue>
    Sea difference
  • Stage event<Nakagusuku Venue>
  • Stage event<Koza Venue>
    Live house event
  • Stage event<tomigusuku Venue>
    Acoustic music event
  • Stage event<Kitanakagusuku Rycom Venue>
    Music, comedy, fashion event

Image of 2016 stage event
※We plan event conduct in above others prefecture each Venue